Shipping Duration:

Your order will be dispatched using our chosen carriers within one to two business days of receipt. Even though we try to handle orders quickly, processing and shipping may take longer during busy times like holidays. Even though we can't always keep to the arrival times we promise, we expect customers to get their orders within 3–5 business days of dispatch.

Title and Risk:

Please be aware that once IT Matters ships your order, you become the owner of all the goods you purchased and are responsible for any losses that might occur.

Undelivered Orders:

Please contact us within 24 hours of the order being marked as delivered if your tracking information shows "Delivered" but the product has not been received. Beyond this timeframe, the courier partner is not liable to investigate.

Multiple Items:

Orders with two or more items may come on different days and in different boxes because of differences in where the items are shipped from and how available they are.

Transit Safety:

To make sure that goods arrive safely, they may be sent separately.

Address Accuracy:

To avoid returns and penalty fees, it is preferable to give a full and correct address with the right pin code. Courier companies impose penalties for incorrect shipping addresses, and the responsibility for such charges rests with the customer.

Re-shipment Charges:

You agree that charges for re-shipment of the same order will be payable by you.

Address Changes:

Rectification or change of address is only allowed before the dispatch of your order. Once dispatched, changes will not be granted.

 Postal Delays:

We will not be responsible for mailing delays caused by addresses that are not complete.

Customer Liability:

You agree to be solely liable for lost, stolen packages, or any damages after the package is left at your address by postal/courier agencies.

Recipient Unavailability:

If the recipient is not present when the item is delivered, it is the recipient's responsibility to pick it up from a nearby courier office.


You can cancel your order before we send it out from our warehouse. If you send us a cancellation email after the order has been sent, we can't cancel it. We reserve the right to decide whether to cancel, and the customer agrees not to argue with our choice.

Pre-Paid Orders: A transaction fee will be deducted before processing a refund.

Post-Paid Orders: An order management fee will be deducted before cancellation, levied on the user's wallet, and may be incurred in future transactions.


Send a picture and an unboxing video within 24 hours of delivery if an item is broken, wrong, or missing.

Exchange or reimbursement after investigation.

The refund will be processed within 14 days; there are no charges for cancellation or refund

Refunds are not applicable for:

Allergic reactions.

Address input errors.

Inability to comprehend the product.

Wrong product ordered.

No longer needing the product.

Transparent about practices, ingredients, and product usage. There is an additional charge of Rs. 200 for replacing a sealed product with another variant of the same value.

To initiate a return or exchange, contact customer support within 24 hours. Items must be returned in their original condition, including tags and packaging. Returns and exchanges are subject to your return shipping and restocking fees. Only part of the order cannot be exchanged. Allow 14 working days for the entire refund process.